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Welcome to our Toddler room, we offer a home from home environment for your little explorers to explore investigate and question the world around them. This area  aims to provide your child with lots of stimulus to help extend their learning whilst working within the Early Years Foundation stage. Children have time to join in with activities that are as much fun as possible along with spending short periods of the day with the older children.

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Social skills are developed in small groups through painting, creative and messy activities were toddlers develop their skills of expression. Books and jigsaws are on offer for those quieter more relaxed periods of the day which can be shared with or without an adult. The children use construction materials daily to build and explore opportunities using different materials. 

This contributes to their developing co–ordination and spacial awareness. There are plenty of outside play opportunities during the day to develop gross motor skills and let off a bit of steam…

A separate area is provided for sleeping if your toddler needs to have a rest after lunch or anytime of the day.

As your child reaches the next steps of their development they will start to integrate into the pre-school group for short periods of the day to help them settle into a more structured routine.