Our Lower Pre-school room is a more structured for children aged nearly 3 years to around 3 and half years. We introduced this room as we felt this would be more beneficial to the younger pre schoolers and would enable staff to focus on the age range of children.

This room has helped the younger children develop in confidence and self-esteem as well as preparing them for the more structured environment within our upper pre-school room to start getting ready for big school.

The children do a range of activities from their interests as well as important activities such as getting dressed and being independent.

All our rooms emphasis is on learning through play enabling children to be independent in their choices and engage in activities that are of interesting to them.

All children have their own dedicated key person who will talk with parents when their children start and get an understanding of your child’s needs to enable them to build a relationship with them.

All our planning is done through observing the child and getting as much information about their likes and dislikes from parents, this enables the key person to plan stimulating and exciting activities that will help with their learning.

Parent’s partnership is paramount to us as a nursery, we listen to parents views and welcome any ideas you have.