Baby Room



Welcome to our baby room we offer a home from home environment. 

Our main aim in the Baby Unit is to follow your child’s individual routine; maintaining your own daily routine as much as we can. We want you and your baby to feel content within our environment. The unit is self-contained with specialised nursery practitioners who are able to provide a flexible and adaptable approach that is both loving and supportive.


We provide a separate area for sleeping babies where they can have a restful, unbroken sleep, closely monitored by the nursery practitioners.

The Early Years Foundation Stage guides us in providing an environment which enhances your babies curiosity. Visual stimulants is provided through sensory activities and resources. Physical stimulation is encouraged through activity centers, mats and `baby gyms’ and outdoor play. Emerging speech is progressed through the use of very simple, strongly illustrated books, plenty of verbal contact and hand signals with nursery practitioners. Babies explore a range of messy activities such as foam, shredded paper, water play, Jelly play and much, much more. 

Routines from home are followed to allow a smooth transition into the nursery. Staff are happy to discuss routines and offer advice as your baby progresses through various milestones.

Every baby up to a two years old will have its own daily record detailing feeds, sleeping patterns and nappy changes. This is available to parents/carers and ensures that any problems, which may arise from time to time, are recorded for later reference. 

All children will have their own learning journals through an online system, parents will be able to add photos and videos as well as view their daily updates of what their child has done at nursery, this has shown to be a fantastic way to share experiences effectively with parents.