Our  Upper Pre-school room is  structured enabling school readiness. 

The children do a range of activities from their interests as well as important activities such as getting dressed and being independent.

The main focus is on learning through play, enabling children to be independent in their choices and engage in activities that are of interest to them.

All children have their own dedicated key person who will talk with parents when their children start and get an understanding of your child’s needs to enable them to build a relationship with them.

All our planning is done through observing the child and getting as much information about their likes and dislikes from parents, this enables the key person to plan stimulating and exciting activities that will help with their learning.

Parent’s partnership is paramount to us as a nursery, we listen to parents views and welcome any ideas you have.

The children contribute towards the planning using our scrapbooks where the staff talk to the children about their interests and the children then come up with ideas of what activities we could do, this develops self-esteem as well as confidence to have their voices heard. The children all sign in and out of the scrap book each time and then the pictures of the activities are added later on, which the children help with. Children’s choices are paramount and having a voice is extremely important, they have welcome and group times to enable children to talk about events and upcoming events which help staff with their planning and understanding their needs.

Our pre-school rooms have access to their own garden from their room enabling free flow as much as possible. They have special hearts to hang on their tree for self-registration daily, this really works well and the children are very proud when they put their hearts on.

Pre school benefit from The bears Coaching who visit us weekly to provide sports sessions enabling physical development and working together, this is very popular with our pre school children and they look forward to Coach Max visiting.

We also benefit form Jo Yoga who visits Upper Pre School once a month to teach some Yoga moves, as well as Jo Jingles every week to explore music and dance. We like to be bust at Prelude.